First Liquid Restaking Token CDP Derivative
Omni-chain Interest-Bearing Decentralized Stablecoin USDA

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Why Agilely?

Low Fees

Only around 0.5% mint fee for opening a trove and around 3% dynamic annual interest on the loan

Cross-chain mint and transfer

Deposit your blue-chip asset and mint USDA in another EVM blockchain.

Omni-chain stablecoin

Native Omni-chain OFT-20 stablecoin powered by LayerZero and reliable liquidation mechanism forked from Liquity.


Deposit different blue-chip tokens, LP tokens LSD tokens to mint stablecoin.


On-chain governance by locking the governance token and community-driven for the development of the protocol.

How it works

The USDA is over-collateralized stablecoin backed by different blue-chip tokens. It also can be cross-chain transferred simply and safely.

Deposit ETH

Use your ETH as collateral by
depositing it into the Agilely


Mint USDA based on your ETH at a
certain collateralization ratio and
only pay a one-time fee of 0.5% on
your loan


Use your USDA in the Agilely
Ecosystem to earn yields or use it
to transfer to other EVM

Agilely Community

Learn about Agilely, discuss with the team and other members in the community.

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